1-to-4 Power Cord Splitter Cable -1.5FT Inches - Black

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 1-to-4 Power Cord Splitter Cable -1.5FT Inches - Black


  • Type of power cord
  • Safety 16 awg
  • Power cord length 45CM
  • The color black
  • Product packing size 22cm*30CM*3CM
  • Use rechargeable
  • Packing mode OPP bag + sticker
  • Sticker size 20*15cm


  • Strong inside and out; Save a few extra bucks from buying a new splitter every time it gets damaged or destroyed with the ClearMax 4 way splitter durably built to last through the years; Designed with reinforced copper wires and waterproof blades, you can be assured of this product's safety, quality and durability for a long time without having to worry about wear and tear issues
  • All four one and one four all; The cluttering of wires is not just an unpleasant sight, but can also be dangerous for people walking around especially if there are kids in the household; Avoid the untidiness with the ClearMax octopus plug that helps organize and reduce the number of wires without losing energy efficiency
  • Carefully designed to be safe and practical; Features of the product include; moisture proof, abrasion resistant, weather proof
  • Your all around product; Works great for computers, monitors, scanners, printers, and power transformers with 3 pin male to female shroud; Works well for home and office use
  • Product summary; 1.5FT16 AWG, meets all US and international safety standards