25FT/50FT Outdoor Extension Cord, Heavy Duty 3-Outlet

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25FT/50FT Outdoor Extension Cord, Heavy Duty 3-Outlet 

  • Model:EC3-25FT/EC3-50FT
  • PLU NO#:A8-3/559 /A14-53/409
  • UPC1:854190008021/854190008038
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  • ★★★★★463



  • Type of power cord
  •  size:25FT/50FT
  • Safety of 14 awg
  • The length of power cord is 7.6m
  • The color orange
  • Product packing size 13*18*6CM
  • Use rechargeable
  • Packing mode color card packing
  • Color card size 13*3.5*6CM


  • High Quality - Our heavy-duty power cords are made with an SJTW thermoplastic which is suitable to temperatures from -40°F to 130°F. Our double jacketed cords won't mar walls or floors but will stand up to concrete!
  • 3-Outlet Extension Cord - Our extension cords feature not one but three outlets, each set at a different angle from one another. Plug all of your outdoor decorations, accessories, and tools into this one convenient spot!
  • Durable Extension Cord - Providing highest quality with a Sturdy Long-Lasting Construction, durable vinyl covering insulating and protecting the cord's conducting wires, plus resists moisture, abrasion, and the damaging effects of sunlight, and resistant to extreme temperature which wll not crack or deteriorate. This Power Wire Resists Moisture, Cracks and Scratches Even in Harsh Cold Conditions.
  • Safety - UL certification offer quality assurance and includes a grounded plug for maximum safety. The extension cords are made with stranded soft-drawn copper to give you power without dangerous over-heating. Heavy-duty molded on plug ends with strain relief, heat-resistant PVC sleeve.
  • Applicable for - These three-prong extension cords are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The extension cord is ideal for holiday decorations, landscaping projects, exterior lighting, home improvement projects& more!