24" x 30' Packaging Bubble Cushioning Wrap

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 24" x 30' Packaging Bubble Cushioning Wrap
  • Model:AS-107
  • PLU NO#:AXX-XX/8
  • UPC1:854190004986
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Product Description

  • Perforated every 12 inches for easier handling
  • One roll of 24 inches wide and 30 feet long
  • Big bubbles, 1/2

About This Product

  • PACKING MATERIALS FOR FRAGILE ITEMS : This Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll acts as added protection and cushioning by cradling your products and absorbing any shock, vibration, scratches and dings.
  • PERFECT FOR STORAGE, MOVING & SHIPPING : Protection for your fragile / delicate items such as dishes, collectibles, glass. This packing wrap can be used for wrapping furniture edges (corners & legs) to prevent scratches during moving / shipping. Safe for protecting electronics and small appliances as well.
  • PERFORATED EVERY  : This Packing Bubble Cushioning   with  Easy Cross-Cut Tear where it allow convenient and flexibility to complete your job faster
  • REUSABLE PACKING MATERIAL : These  air tight bubble packing wrap' are the perfect size for all types of products such as plates, dishes china and cups. Plus, they are easy to store and reuse at any time.