8FT /8AWG Battery Charger

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 8FT  Battery Charger

Product Description

  • Type of battery charger
  • Quantity 2 (connected together)/black and red
  • Length 8 ft (with battery clip)
  • Current 8 awg
  • Certification of no
  • Label sticker size 160*115mm
  • Product packing size 410×220mm
  • Purpose automobile emergency lighting/electric conduction

About This Product

  • [Heavy duty/car fast connection]with high-quality, durable, heavy-duty structure jumper cable with a thick core, which can quickly connect and start your car.
  • [Powerful all-copper clip] booster cable has four huge alligator clips, serrated teeth and springs, with excellent grip. The fixture is made of all copper, and each connection point is optimally welded and fixed. The jaws are very strong, the connection is more convenient, the conductivity and tension are better, it can provide a maximum of 2000 A ,current, and quickly start your car.
  • [High-quality plastic cable] The surface of the booster cable is made of high-quality, which is resistant to freezing, cracking and folding, and will not be tangled. The cable remains flexible in very cold weather. Ideal for those who are looking for high-quality jumper cables to carry in their vehicles to respond to emergencies or help others.
  • Fast charging: Heavy-duty No. 4 cable with larger capacity, double handle crimping, excellent connectivity, high-quality thick copper tube helps to charge the battery faster and safer.