O-Gf-C Soldering Wire 0.8mm 50G 《Sn63-Pb37》

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1.Tin Lead Solder Wire: High Quality Rosin Core Solder Wire
2. Parameters: solder wire Tin 63%- Lead 37% (Sn63-Pb37)
3. Flux content 1.8%,electrical soldering wire dia is 0.8mm (0.0315inch),gross weight 50gram (0.11lbs),good size for pocket
4. Low Melting Point: 361F/183C. easy to be soldered, flows smoothly, soldering fast and strong soldering point.
5. Applications: Very good soldering capability, esp for circuit board, DIY, home improvement, Repairation of cable/TV/Radio/sterro/ Toys and other electrical devices etc.