Power Extension Cord Short Cable, Outlet Saver, 3 Prong, 16AWG 13A, (4 Pack, 8 Inch, Black)

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Power Extension Cord Short Cable, Outlet Saver,  3 Prong, 16AWG 13A,  (4 Pack, 8 Inch, Black) 


  • Type of power cord
  • Safety 16 awg
  • Power cord length 25CM
  • The color black
  • Product packing size 22cm*30CM*3CM
  • Use rechargeable
  • Packing mode OPP bag + sticker
  • Sticker size 20*15cm


  • ELIMINATE CLUTTER: eliminate the issue of large, bulky plugs and maximize the use of your power strips and wall outlets. These extension cords are ideal for office spaces or home settings with frequently used computers, monitors, scanners, printers, and any other devices that uses the 3-pin male-to-female shroud power connector
  • SIMPLE EXTENSION: expand the reach of plugs and cords that are short for direct use by linking the extension cables one foot at a time, indoor use
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: withstands sun exposure and resistant to moisture and abrasion. Designed to withstand a lifetime of wear and tear and ideal for households with pets and small children
  • HASSLE-FREE: never deal with tangles and coils with extension cables that are too long. Get the extension cord you need, no more, no less; 3 prong connections. Say goodbye to wasted outlet space