US Plug Adapter, Travel Power Plug Adapter【Two Round Pin】

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Two Round Pin Convert Plug adapter EU/China /Korea to USA /Canada /Japen etc.

  • Model: PP-US01
  • PLU NO#:A0-33/194
  • UPC1:854190006768
  • UPC2:615666341185
  • ★★★★3097

Product Description

  • type Transfer joint
  • material ABS+Copper
  • Product rules 125V/250~6A
  • Dimensions 40MM*38MM*15MM
  • Color Black
  • Product package size 55*72*23MM
  • use Plug adapter
  • Packaging Plastic box+Stickers

About This Product

  • MULTI-PURPOSE Outlet Usage: these very small wall adapter plugs can be used to charge smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, tablets, shavers, laptops and so on.
  • VERY SAFE copper pin and conductor and fireproof PC shell.  Output max 6A 100-250V
  • TRAVEL from all of EUROPE including (Switzerland and Italy) also Australia and China to U.S./Canada Plug Adaptor. The adapters are made to fit tight so your devices that you connect to charge won't fall out.
  • You will be very satisfied with these handy adapter plugs.
  •  Please Note these plug adapters does not convert voltage or electricity