2A 24W Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

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AC to DC converter 2A 24W auto cigarette lighter socket


The product description  

  • Rated power: 100-240V 12V 2A  

    Plug American plug  

    Wire length: 1.5m (including connector)  

    Product packaging: 12.4 * 7.6 * 6CM  

    Wire length 1.5m (including connector)  

About this product  

The AC/DC power socket adapter converts 110-240V AC power from a wall plug to 12V DC power. It fits perfectly with any on-board electronics rated less than 24W and has a maximum current of 2A  

Manufactured with ABS housing, including safety protection against faulty voltage, short circuit, internal overheating  

The 1.2m extended main