Electrical Tape color

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Electrical Tape color

  • Model:RT-5V
  • PLU NO#:A1-41/2127
  • UPC1:854190003736
  • UPC2:NO

Product Description

  • PVC Insulation
  • Electrical tape for splicing and insulating wires up to 600V.
  • UL Listed.
  • Premium grade all-weather/temperature conditions, resisits abrasion, moisture and flames
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Dimension ¾ inch x 60ft (19mm x 18 m)

About This Product

  • EXTREME COLORED ELECTRICAL TAPE. Colored electrical tape value pack that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures up to 203 ℉ (90 ℃). UL and ISO certified, this assorted colored electric tape comes with red, yellow, white, black, green, and blue electric tape rolls.
  • CURLING RESISTANT. This multicolored electrical tape assortment is manufactured through multi-pass vinyl weaving process, making it extra-stretchy and resistant to curling, melting, fusing, and even sludging off into a greasy residue over time. This electrician’s tape is easy to work with, especially on hard-to-reach areas that require tight bundling.
  • COLORED TAPE FOR IDENTIFICATION. Colored electrical tape value pack comes with 5 vibrant colorfast rolls that do not fade even when exposed to heat, UV, and moisture making it ideal for identifying several electric wire bundles.
  • HIGH VOLTAGE AND TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE. It is rated to resist up to 820V and 203 ℉ (90 ℃). Can be applied on soldered joints and exposed cables that may be exposed or submerged on liquids like water, oil or grease.
  • WATERPROOF MULTICOLORED ELECTRICAL TAPE. Superior 7-mil electrical tape that is easy to manage, wrap, cut and adhere to both smooth and textured/rough surfaces. Instead of spending more for buying a new charger, cable, or wire, the XFasten Electrical Tape provides a quick fix to exposed and chewed off wires, freshly soldered parts, and other damaged wiring components.