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Product information 

  • RT-6CP1
  • Product rules 6.35MM*19.8M
    Longevity 19.8M
    Product package size ϕ110*ϕ110*6MM 
  • RT-6CP2 
  • Product rules 5.4MM*9.75M
    Longevity 9.75M
    Product package size ϕ97*ϕ97*25MM 
  • RT-6CP3
  • Product rules 50.8MM*5M
    Longevity 5M
    Product package size ϕ92*ϕ92*50MM 
  • RT-6AL1
  • type Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape
    Product rules 48MM*45.72M
    Longevity 45.72M
    Color Silvery
    Product package size ϕ125*ϕ125*48MM 

Introduction of the product

  • The copper tape has double conductivity and low resistance, making electrical projects, repairs and even paper circuits easier.
  • Copper foil tape can be used in all kinds of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LCD monitors, notebook computers, photocopiers and other electronic products need electromagnetic shielding and DIY Craft
  • The copper foil tape is made of high quality copper, with excellent flexibility which can be twisted, bent, tore easily to fit any item shapes and resistant to heat, moisture, chemicals, corrosion, oxidation and discoloration.
  • Keeps the slugs and snails out of veggie flower pots. The electrolysis that happens prevents them from wanting to cross over that line.